What people are saying

Really good coffee. That's all there is to say. Supposedly the pour over coffee is the best way to go. It is definitely nothing like a Starbucks, and in this case, that's a very good thing! -Mark Nickel
They have a passion for their coffee and chai. What makes them interesting is the intensity of flavor and not the extreme sweetness that other coffee shops focus on. The mocha had the velvety bitterness of true cocoa and the chai was more reminiscent of walking through an Indian spice store. These are drinks that should be sipped while sitting quietly at one of their picnic tables looking out at the water. -Natasha Hughes
Morning started with a Caffè Arancia and a scone. Couldn't have gotten anything better. Superb flavor for the coffee, a delight to drink. -Mr Ty
Warm and welcoming place with the best Americano I’ve ever had. -Mathew Metcalfe
Go to this coffee shop if you want great coffee and a pleasant atmosphere. The caramel latte I got handed had a great consistency, perfect amount of foam, and excellent taste. The staff know how to make good coffee. -Nate Sullivan
The absolute best coffee house in town! Don't worry about the line, the wait is well worth it. -Brian
This is my first stop every time I go through town. The coffee is amazing! The food is amazing! The people are amazing! Seriously wish we had a sister shop over in Seattle. -Steve Cragar
We've tried four different coffee shops in Port Townsend and this one is simply the best of those we've visited. Sometimes, there's a bit of a line but that's an indication of a popular spot and it's well worth the wait. Definitely would recommend you try them if you've never been. -William Jones
If I did nothing else in Port Townsend except visit this coffee shop, it would have been worth the trip. By far one of the best lattes I've ever had, even with non-dairy milk -Keera Lindenberg
The espresso was so good, we kept coming back and bought a bag of beans. -Brett Melton
This coffee shop is BY FAR the best coffee shop I have ever been to - and I have been to coffee shops around the world. Inexpensive, organic and absolutely delicious espresso drinks -karolina anderson
I don’t get out to Port Townsend often but every time I do I make a point to stop at Better Living Through Coffee. Their Caffè Arancia is one of the best coffee beverages I’ve ever had. -Brenton Woodrow
This was the best cup of coffee I've ever had. I go for Americano every time. It is truly about the coffee. -Jeri Baird
Stopped by on my way to oyster run last year and it was the best coffee experience ive ever had. It was an amazing cup of drip coffee -james williams
One of those hidden local gems that serve the best coffee -michael peterson
This place has the best iced coffee I have ever had. -Troy Goracke
One of the best coffee shops in the country! -Brian Rohr
The x4 shot iced coffee will forever leave me chasing the dragon. It was richly coffee flavored with out being bitter ... unmatched the world over. I'll be back every time I visit Washington! -Conner Morlang
When visiting Port Townsend, this is THE place to get coffee. The coffee is outstanding and offered in a variety of ways. -kathleen b
Amazing coffee at prices lower than their competitors. -Monique Ermine
Just the best dang pour over coffee -Jonquil Elise Dreadful
The best coffee very tasty. -Audy Vasquez-Ramirez
Outstanding Coffee service and ambiance. -Mimi Magoo
A... MAZ...ING! Dantes coffee pour over is stellar. -Jeremy Bryant
Excellent coffee and service. I drove 90 miles for Sofia's Sumatra. -Ian Roberts
Best coffee in Port Townsend. -Anna Stenwick
Great view and outside seating area. Plus the coffee was amazing and top notch service. -Laura McKinney
Delicious coffee. Fresh, local, organic ingredients. So nice to sit and enjoy the waterfront view. -R_ V_B
I had one of the best mugs of pour over coffee I've ever tasted. -Ken Hoekema
A must stop in Port Townsend!! The coffee drink was amazing -Patty Glenn
Really great cup of espresso! -Vicky G
They really make good coffee. Quality beans for sure. -Jason Everett
Pour over specialty here. 10/10 on coffee -Olive Cattau
Seriously good coffee, comfortable welcoming atmosphere -Eric Mager
Excellent coffee delivered by friendly people in a cool environment -Mr T
This has ended up the place we end up going to every trip to Port Townsend. Awesome coffees and drinks, -Sean McNulty
Beautiful view, amazing coffee and the friendliest staff! Highly recommended -SCH Travel
Very hip, warm atmosphere, great views and wonderful coffee. -Toke Beard
Funky, friendly atmosphere and a great cup of coffee, freshly dripped right into your cup. -Mike Cutcliff
Delicious coffee. Love this place! -Jenny Mitchell
Best orange espresso (Arancia)! Also, a calm atmosphere and competent staff. -Deanne McCausland
Great service, awesome coffee.. low key always a favorite.. -E Quigley
Amazing place..the coffee drinks are so delicious. Great staff. -Angela Dawn
They are very friendly and make the best cafe arancia ever. Yumm -Vicki Moler
An absolutely delightful spot to visit. Nice views and a casual unpretentious vibe, -Kevin Chung
Great place! Great coffee, staff and amazing location. -Juanita Sheppard
Great coffee and amazing view. -Graham Magnuson
This is a unique, albeit a bit quirky place. Creative coffee drinks. -Artak Kalantarian
This place is my daily grind awesome staff awesome owner most incredible of you in a coffee shop I've ever had -mugen andeson
Great coffee and service. -Jeannette Heffley
Great atmosphere! Nice people! AWESOME coffee and food! -N R
Best coffee/espresso on the peninsula. -Rachel Rutledge
Awesome view and atmosphere. Good coffee as well. -Andrew Law
Best coffee by a mile, good service. Ambiance : Gemuetlich. -Hans Knigge
I was just there with my girlfriend on a rainy day. We got the best hot chocolate we have ever had. -Will Hale
Grab you Cappuccino, go outside and enjoy the waves on the beach. Life is good. -Bill Crane
Beautiful setting great coffee fabulous service I will be back -Karen Karadimov
Amazing coffee and food, friendly service and chill atmosphere -Muldair Moore
Nice staff and friendly atmosphere and good coffee too. -Chainarong Patana-anake
Amazing views, great coffee, and a large local following -Bradford Billings
Great coffee. Good service. Relaxing environment. -Bob Phillips
Great coffee, food and views -Chris Langston
Best coffee ever! Waterfront, great location. -Susan Willis
Such care, great food, killin' views & the coffee zings. Good. -Scott Doran
Great service!! Great staff!! Very good coffee!! -casey reuck
The coffee goes well with the view. Makes sense why it's so popular. -Dabin Park
Great coffee. Excellent food. Beautiful views -James Reynolds
Excellent espresso super service -Sharon Jack
Good coffee and good prices. Starbucks ain't got nothing on BLTC. -Garrett Massey
Oh the coffee is simply the best. -Stephen Smith
Great coffee! -Jessica Dugal
They make the best salted Caramel lattes in the world. -Margaret Barbo
What not to love...the view, the organic way of Caffeine, the friendly fun atmosphere… -Dr. Joseph Adam
Great coffee. Loved it -Rapunzel
Such good coffee -Peggy Baker
Great local coffee shop, awesome coffee -Parley Wells
Best Sumatra dark drip to go. Great people. -Scott Tennant
Great food, great coffee, hardworking staff -Stevie Schmidt
Best coffee in Port Townsend! -Robert Maass
Friendly place. Awesome people and great coffee! -Brett Merkley
The Coffee Here Is Really Great. It's great. The coffee -John Buday
Superb quad-shot espresso drinks and pastries straight from the angels! -Bradley Smull
A comfortable and relaxing place with delicious coffee. -Morgan Humphreys
Better Living With Coffee has the best salted caramel latte -Gilbert Barbo
Awesome coffee and amazing ambiance ♥️ -Hamsa Abdullah
Get the coffee Arancia. It's the best thing to happen to the planet since the polio vaccine. -Shane Squire
Delicious drip coffee for a reasonable price! -Ian McLaughlan
I love BLTC. Great coffee and great people. -Sea Otter
Beautiful view, awesome coffee, ethical standards -Charles Boyles
Great coffee, food, people and view! -Gabe Herbert
Great coffee and great food -Scott Clarkson
Great coffee, and atmosphere! -Kristina Koranek
Had a fantastic wet cappuccino -Scott Urstad
Delicious coffee in a friendly atmosphere. -Barbara Beers
The best, simply the best coffee in town. -C Miller
Best coffee in PT -Peggy Baker
Best latte I have ever had. -Juan Haley
Always my favorite coffee shop! -leslie shawn
Great location, great views, great coffee -yr deervvitch
Great coffee! -Reed McGinnis
Nice place for coffee ☕🍪🤯 -Blowing Bubbles
Amazing quality of product and personnel. -Tim Hartzell
Amazing coffee great staff -Thomas Carso
Best coffee on the west coast. -Mark Burchfield
Awesome coffee! -Karen Fry
Nice coffee -リーBryan
Loved it. Good coffee. -Hans Schweizer
My favorite reason to visit Port Townsend! -Ilana Moss
Best Espresso on the Peninsula!! -Audra Downs
The best coffee in Port Townsend -Denice Nolan
Great coffee! -Joe Bolton
Fabulous coffee and staff!! -Candice Cotterill
Good ..No GREAT COFFEE -David Ustick
I love their coffee -Julie Canterbury
Slice of heaven on the waterfront. -John Franich
A top notch coffee house -The dog cat reptile And plant lady
Very cool coffee shop. -ramsay tanham
I love love love the Pantomime French! -Cynthia Koan
Great coffee -Eric Black
Drip coffee done right -Austin Ivey
Varied, sustainable, and delicious! -Daniel Archer
5 stars says it all! -N Croston
Yummy! -Pearl Newt
The coffee is delicious. -Destini Jewell
Delightful coffee and place. -Ash
Yummy coffee -Nichole Van Duren
Best coffee in town -Natalie Ainge (Kerrigan Byrne)
This place has it all! -Lillian Henegar
Lovely -C.S. Hirst ndt
I just love this place. ❤️ -Kristina
Delicious coffee! -sopalla d
Excellent coffee -Tom Hunter
I love everything about this place. -James Jacoby
Amazing -Nicole Malloy
Always the best choice -ANTHONY DIORIO
Excellent cup of coffee -Monica Buchholz
Wow! -Ken P
Delicious. Adina Than. Great coffee -Angela Fusaro
Yum -Jeff Royster
Good coffee -Richard Paul
Chetzemoka for the win -Ian Sanderson
Good Coffee -Rob Kline
the highlight of PT -Jessica von Volkli
Smart coffee shop and good coffee! They have good coffee and that’s not easy to find outside of Seattle really. Drip coffee made inventively. Many types to keep people coming back. -Iwamisea
Ah, Coffee! And more… Some of the best coffee in Port Townsend spoken from the lips of a long-time coffee/espresso drinker. It's fresh and strong -James B
Best coffee! This is a place for every coffee lover and coffee aficionado. -FABJourney
As somewhat of a coffee snob, finding a good cup of joe, or a great latte, is what can turn my entire day around. The latte was OUTSTANDING. -BEST COFFEE IN PORT TOWNSEND
The place to go. My only complaint is that it is too popular… -Ryan C
Pure Port Townsend. Perfect and delicious locally roasted coffees -janetzim
Great Coffee. Love this coffee shop, very interesting spot and has a great view. The coffee is amazing! Had the Arancia (think this is how it is spelled) quite a few times and continue to crave it to this day. -Cas M
Great coffee and kind staff. We went to this place 4 days in a row recently while on vacation. Staff greeted us kindly and made us some of the best coffee we'd had in a long time. -922aaronm
Wonderful! GREAT coffee! If you are a coffee lover you must go here. -Maggie L