Fair Trade & Organic

We value fair, guaranteed wages for growers and sustainable stewardship of the land where it’s grown. We pay a steep premium for these beans, which are typically from smaller farms that are organized into co-ops. These farms take pride in their coffees, as the farmers make a living wage and their families are able to live in a healthier, more secure environment than farmers who grow a conventional coffee crop. The quality of our coffee is consistent, in part due to the quality of organic and fair trade beans.

Fair trade USDA Certified Organic

Farmers, growers, fishers and workers are the heart of the fair trade movement. Purchasing Fair Trade Certified™ products is a choice to support responsible companies, protect the environment, and empower farmers, workers and fishers.

Better for you

Buying fair trade lets you feel good about the products you bring into your home.

Better for others

Buying fair trade ensures a more equitable world by protecting and empowering the people behind our products

Better for the planet

Buying fair trade creates a more sustainable environment by improving systems and equipment in producer groups around the world.

When you choose our Coffee with the Fair Trade Certified™ seal, you can be sure that the people behind it worked in safe, healthy conditions and earned additional money to uplift their communities. It’s an easy way to have a direct, positive impact global communities. When you choose our Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, you’re voting with your dollar to support responsible businesses, empower farmers, and protect the environment. Fair trade is a way of supporting safe, healthy working conditions and extra income for the people behind our products through your everyday purchases